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Lilith's Shrine

Lilith's Shrine is a creative exercise that asks users to participate in the production of a new story about the mythical figure Lilith. You will be asked to reflect on what you know about Lilith and the stories she is involved in. What does she look like? What might she remind you of? Who is she to you, if any one at all? You get out of Lilith's Shrine what you put into it; the more thoughtful your contemplation, the richer your experience.

Lilith's Shrine was made as a part of my Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis. This work builds upon Persephone's Garden and Brigid's Labyrinth, two digital projects that combine the study of folklore, digital humanities, and gender. Each exhibit aims to immerse users into a unique learning experience and asks them to interact with ancient tales in distinctive ways. A meta-analysis of all three projects can be found here or under the "other writing" tab.

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